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Wednesday 27.01.21


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Fun with phonics!


Phonics play!


Picnic on Pluto.  Select phase 5 and click on our new split digraph i_e can you read each word and sort? Obb loves fake words and Bob loves real words.  Have fun!


Marvellous Mathmatics!


Daily Arithmetic: Number doubles to 10! Can you watch our special Number block short episode and discover our number doubles all the way to 10?





3D Shapes: Play ‘Name that Shape’ game using the link below. Can you name the shape shown in time?



Activity: In your paper pack you will see the activity pictured below. Can you first name each of the shapes pictured. Then you need to colour in the picture in the correct colours. We can’t wait to see your finished pictures Year 1!



Challenge: Have a go at the 3D shape game




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Warm up – Warm up today with Punctuation Pals - https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/class-clips-video/english-ks1--ks2-where-do-you-put-capital-letters/zkbhf4j

Skill – The alphabet – Let’s recite the alphabet together. How do we order things alphabetically? Look at the objects your teacher has. Can you help your teacher put them in alphabetical order?

Activity – Create a moon picnic for Bob to take to work for his lunch. What type of sandwiches might he like? Which yummy treats might he pack? What else would you include in the picnic? Draw a picture of the picnic for Bob.

CHALLENGE: Can you put your picnic menu in alphabetical order?

Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Think about things that make you worry. In the wings of the butterfly, write

the things that make you worry and think about your worries flying away.

As you write, think about things that make you happy. What can you do to make yourself happy? Imagine yourself without worries, happy and smiling.

Choose an exciting activity from our space adventure activity pack!