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I-model warm up - speech

Need to catch up on the story? Listen to it here https://torrisholme-community-primary-school.primarysite.media/playlist/the-secret-lake-by-karen-inglis-read-by-pizzazz-an or read the extract below. 


Character profile

Complete the zone of relevance board to describe how the characters feel at given points in the story. Draw yourself a rough target board and write on bits of paper/post its/on the board itself . Now choose Tom or Stella. Use the board to show how that character felt at the start of the story.

There are some words below for you to sort and use on the board. You can also think of your own words to use.


Most relevant words go in the centre 'bullseye'. Quite important words go in the middle ring.

Words that may be relevant in the larger outer ring.

Any words that do not describe the character's thoughts or feeling stay on the outside of the target board. They are not relevant on the relevance board!


Now try a second one - how do you think Stella or Tom felt when they discovered the two girls at the secret lake?

Can you explain why you put the words where you did?