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Friday 26.02.21

Happy Birthday, Violet! We hope you have a lovely day!

Phonics Fun!


Use the link below to explore some Phase 5 phonics games.




Create a wanted posted!  Today we are going to draw and create a wanted poster for Lanky Len or Hefty Hugh.  Choose your character and carefully draw them! What colour hair do they have? Eyes? Are they tall? Slim? Use you amazing adjectives (descriptive words) to describe Lanky Len or Hefty Hugh!




Can you solve these calculations?


17 – 4 =

13 – 2 =

16 – 3 =

19 – 6 =


You can use objects to represent 10’s and 1’s to help you e.g. a pen could represent ten and sweets could represent ones.



Robot Adding – Let’s get started today with a game of adding. Can you match the robots to the correct answers? Good luck! - https://www.topmarks.co.uk/addition/robot-addition


Magic Dice Adding – It’s time to get the beloved lego bricks, building blocks, sweets, whatever you can find at home ready for some counting. Starting at zero roll the dice and add on the number (use your objects to help you whenever you need) then write down the number. Roll the dice again and add on the number you get to your last answer. Keep adding on until you make it to twenty or past twenty. You can even race your parents or siblings – who can win by getting past 20 first? Have fun!


Guided Reading

Have a look closely at the pages of ‘What the Ladybird Heard’


Pages 11-12-

What do you think the ladybird is doing? What are the lines around its head for?  What do you think the other animals are thinking? Why is the phrase ‘ Being careful not to wake the dog’ is in brackets?

Guided Reading



Choose an exciting activity from our Julia Donaldson activity pack!


Enjoy a special Julia Donaldson story on our Torrisolme TV Channel – Story Time! Enjoy lots of stories written by the author Julia Donaldson