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Activity 1 - Number hunt

Go on a number hunt around your house (and garden) and look for objects / items that have numbers on. See if you can find items with the numbers 1-10 on them and then make your own number line to order the numbers (items) in the correct order. There is an example below. 

Challenge - find the numbers up to 20. 

Activity 2 - Matching numbers to a quantity. 

Create your own number cards (1-20). Get a quantity of objects or dots on a piece of paper - set them out in ten frame style or numicon style. Children to match the number cards to the correct quantity. 

Activity 3 - Counting out practise 

What you need:

* Number cards made for activity 2

* Pot of objects (pasta, buttons, sweets - anything)


Choose a number card at random. Count out that many objects from the pot remember to stop at your chosen number! Arrange your objects into ten frame or numicon style. Check that you have the correct number. 

Challenge - parents to ask "What is one more than....?" "What is one less than...?"



Activity 4 - Online games

We are going to use lots of different online games to practise our number recognition, counting and ordering skills. Click the links below to play lots of fun games! 

Activity 5 - Number formation

It's time to practise our number formation! You can be as creative as you like with this activity. You can use a piece of paper, salt in a tray, shaving foam in a tray, chalk outside - whatever you like! Remember to use the Ten Town rhymes which are attached below to help you. 

We also have access to their website which has lots of songs, games and activities!