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Friday 22nd January


Warm-up: Number of the Day

Complete all the questions related to the number in the star.


Main activity: Horizontal and Vertical

Complete the activity sheet.




  • Complete the handwriting task in your exercise book. Remember to make the letter sizes correct and join carefully.
  • SPAG – Using ‘a’ or ‘an’ – add the correct one into sentences.


ENGLISH: Look at the other 3 space creatures –What do you notice? (One is a flying insect, one is a land insect, one is a water creature and one is a mammal). Each has its own characteristics. Look at the table of innovate options to create their own Monster from Space.


Task – children plan the appearance of their space creature and decide what it will eat as this will determine elements of its appearance. Draw this as detailed as possible, ready for labelling next session.



Train Like an Astronaut.

Time yourself for 30 seconds and repeat Monday’s training exercises. What are your final scores? Are they improved from Monday?

 Let us know your scores and how your week has been by sending an email to your teacher using Purple Mash.


Complete your 2do activity on Purple Mash – design your own Alien MONSTER!


Choose an activity from the Space topic grid.