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Welcome to Year 5D! frown

The home of Miss Devey. smiley We are very lucky to be supported in the week by Mrs Shaw, Mrs Rogers and Mrs Davison.

We have had a great start to Year 5 and this half-term we are beginning a new topic 'Polyjuice.' 


We can't wait to get stuck into some spells and potions! surprise


Golden Globe Template

Year 5 Curriculum Evening

Mrs Price's Spelling Challenge

Today we made super seeds that would land as far away as possible from the parent plant. 🌴🌾🌺

Who inspires us?

Life Cycles🦎🐢🐍🕷🐅


We've enjoyed researching the life cycles of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and insects. We then presented our projects to the rest of the class.

It's Science Week!!


We have a week of all things fizzy, foamy, slimy, slippery, weird and wonderful ahead of us.

Year 5 have decided to track all of our experiments, investigations and challenges in the form of a diary which I will be updating daily on here.

Today has kicked off with a bang, with so many exciting things happening I thought the children were going to explode! Follow us through the week as we divulge and share the excitement.

We enjoyed helping professor Bubble make crazy bubbles! We found that 3 D shapes worked really well.



Diary entry by; Grace, Josh, Zuzanna and Chester.

This morning, in class 5D, we made various rainbows with skittles and warm water. We discovered how much sugar there really was in just one skittle! We measured 50ml of warm water for the experiment and arranged skittles in different orders and patterns. We poured the water in the middle of the plate and watched the skittles dissolve. The artificial food colouring diffused and ran into the middle. After time, the colours met in the middle and the bottom of the skittles turned completely white! What a cool experiment!

Skittles Rainbow

Still image for this video

The results....

Science Boffins!

After our dissolving experiment, we went into the hall for a very exciting assembly, lead by Boffin Joel. We learned lots about exothermic reactions, which produce heat, catalysts and air pressure, to name a few. With so many exciting experiments, we didn't know where to look! 

Elephant Toothpaste

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Matchstick (Cottonbud) Challenge


After break, we followed some challenge cards where we had to think about shapes and layout! They were really tricky! We had to move the cotton buds into different shapes whilst following the rules of the challenge. Ahhhhh! 

Can you can you find the answer to these ones?

Science Boffin Workshop

More fun learning about plasma balls and polymers! We got to make our own slime! 

Paper Bridges!


Miss Devey set Year 5 the challenge of making a simple bridge which would hold a weight using only one piece of paper over a 20cm gap. We could fold the paper anyway we wanted but we had to think about how to make the piece of paper stiffer to hold weight. We created bridges of all shapes and sizes using different folds and placed weights on them to see which had the best structure. Luke and Kian won with their structure holding 100g! 

Miss Devey bet the class that her bridge would beat it .... and it did! Miss Devey's bridge held 200g!

We found out that this was because Miss Devey had used concertina folds. Triangles are strong shapes. The bridge worked well because the weight sitting on top of the triangles was spread out. Each peak in the bridge frame spread the weight down to the foundations. 

So, using this knowledge, we rebuilt some of our bridges in the concertina layout and found the more peaks in the bridge, the more weight it held!


What a day! We have learned so many new things!

Wheelchair Basketball


Today, during our P.E. lesson, we had the exciting opportunity to experience wheelchair basketball. We played mini matches against each other, practising pushing ourselves along holding the ball on our lap, which was quite tricky. 

Miss Devey even had a go although she felt her wheelchair skills didn't get to shine due to being closely marked by the children from her class on the opposing team! 😂 We've had lots of fun and, again, class 5D shocked Miss Devey with their ability to turn their hands to new skills. Well done 5D! Miss Devey will be practising to win next time!🏆

Here's a snippet of one of our matches...

Still image for this video

Cricket Coach

The children in year 5 have had a fantastic time learning cricket skills from our sports coach, Steve. Today, we practised bowling and batting and I must say their are some talented cricketers in our class! Take a look...


It's a week of bikeability for year 5 this week and the children are fit to burst with excitement! They will be spending each morning or afternoon on their bikes learning about bike management and safety, as well as taking their bikes out to the road and learning about cycling safely on the road too. The children have been fantastic today and the instructors are looking forward to the rest of the week.

Poetry Week


What a splendid poetry week we had. There was so much creativity happening everywhere it was difficult to keep up! Inspiring, funny and touching poems were created by the children. We have shared some below. 

We enjoyed sharing and learning about poetry with Andy Tooze. He gave us confidence to have a go along with 3 helpful tips. 

  • Find an interesting idea.
  • Get a good first line.

He gave us just 8 minutes to write a poem on body parts! 8 minutes! But, we did it. Actually, we didnt just do it. We SMASHED IT! The poems were amazing for such a short space of time. Take a look for yourselves.

We loved the poetry dress up day. There were some fantastic outfits and brilliant to see so many of our children dressed up. Year 5 gave it some serious attitude as they walked down the catwalk in true 'vogue' style. Take a look below. Thank you again for the continued support of parents. 


Christmas calendars in the style of Kandinsky

Year 5's Cracking Christmas Crafts!

We have each been as busy as an Elf! The Christmas crafts are almost ready for the fair.

Budding scientists-investigating which food would dissolve the fastest👨🏼‍⚕️

Pudsey came to visit us today along with BBC Radio Lancashire!

Parachutes -today we enjoyed designing, making and testing parachutes. We wanted to carry out a fair test to see which parachute would land last. We thought about air resistance and some of us tested material, others shape and some looked at if the size of the parachute affected the speed of the landing.

Today we have been learning how to play the ukulele! The children are taking these home to bring in every Friday for the sessions. Practise, practise, practise! We learnt the chords G, C, E, A.