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Tuesday 26.01.21

Tuesday 26.01.21


Warm up: Use the link below to play the 'Full Stop Game' and put the full stops where they belong.


Skill: Join Mrs Kippax for a game of 'shopping' to practice using the conjunction 'and'.


Activity: On his way to work Bob has to pass all the other planets. Do you know what the planets are called? Can you draw a map of Bob's journey and the planets he might pass? Can you label the picture/write a sentence about each planet? You can use the picture in your paper pack to help.  

Literacy 26.01.21


Daily Arithmetic: Number bonds to 10! Get a pen and paper and ask your grown up to set a 5 minute timer. Write down all the pairs of numbers that make ten (e.g. 5+5=10, 7+3=10) On your marks, get set......go!


3D shape: Today you are going to make your own 3D shapes! Using the nets in your paper pack can you make your very own 3D aliens? We would like you to give each of them a name too e.g. Colin cube, Poppy pyramid etc. to make your very own shape family! Don't forget to send us your pictures using the 'Evidence me' app. 


Log into your Collins elibrary or choose a book from your reading pack. Please write the title of the story you read into the reading record. Happy reading Year 1!


Join Mrs Kippax to learn our new sound for the day as well as going over all the sounds we already know. 

Phonics 26.01.21


Choose an exciting activity from our space pick and mix activity pack!