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Wednesday 20.01.21

Wednesday 20.01.21


Warm up: Use the link below to practice reading words and sorting them into real/nonsense words in the obb and bob phonics play game. 


Skill: Join Mrs Kippax for our next lesson on capital letters. She is going to give you some sentences to write down - can you write them correctly using capital letters in the right places?


Activity: Using the activity sheet from your paper pack (pictured below) can you write some sentences to describe what the moon is like? 


Literacy 20.01.21


Daily Arithmetic: Can you practice counting in 10's


Symmetry: Today Year 1 we are going to look at symmetry. Watch the video in the link below to begin.

Activity: Complete the 2D shape symmetry activity from your paper pack (pictured below)

Challenge: Use the link to play the game and create your own symmetrical picture.

Don't forget to send in your fantastic work to us using the 'Evidence me' app. 

Intro to Symmetry: All About Symmetry for Kids - FreeSchool

https://patreon.com/freeschool - Help support more content like this!Symmetry is all around us! It occurs regularly in nature and is used in art, design, and...


Log into your Collins ebook library and choose a book to read. Please write the title of the story you read in your yellow diary and you could even send us a video of you reading it! 


Join Mrs Kippax to learn your next new phonic sound in the video below! 

Phonics 20.01.21


Choose an exciting activity from our space adventure pick and mix pack! 

CBeebies Space Week

Today on the cbeebies channel is an episode of 'Maddie, Space and You'.

Today's episode is all about The International Space Station!

Join Maddie at 16:50 on the cbeebies channel. Enjoy!