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Monday 11th January

Phonics with Mrs Robinson - w

It's time for phonics again! Get yourselves a piece of paper and a pencil ready to join in. We are learning the w sound today.


Today's writing sheets are in your paper pack - they are phoneme frames for CVC words. Take a look at the picture and use your sound fingers to sound talk the words.  

All of the words have three sounds.Please let your child write the sounds they hear and DO NOT spell it out for them. Encourage them to use their sound fingers (three fingers) each time they need to write the next sound. Even if they ask you "what comes next?" say "use your sound fingers" and then sound it out with them.


Watch Mrs Rawnsely's shape video and learn all about 2D shapes. 

2D Shapes

Watch Mrs Rawnsley's video and learn all about 2D shapes!

Now that you know about 2D shapes. Head over to the top marks website and play the games 'Shape Patterns' and 'Shape Monsters'.

Wider Curriculum

Get your PE kit on and join Joe Wicks for a workout! 

8 Minute Kids Workout With Spiderman | The Body Coach TV

Try this 8 minute kids workout with Spiderman