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This week we are focussing on subtraction. This is relatively new to the children in Reception as we had only practised this a couple of times before school closed. We have introduced the language: take away, minus and subtract although all children will need reminding of this and that when we subtract our answer is smaller because we have taken some away. Please try and do this as practical as you can (with concrete objects) and do not worry about writing anything down to begin with. Here are some ideas and activities below.


Eating subtraction

*Play a subtraction game while you have a snack. (Chocolate buttons are usually Miss Shepherd's favourite for this activity!) Count out an amount of food on to a plate. Then, eat one of the pieces of food. How many are left? If your grown up eats one piece of food, how many would be left?

Practise this game with numbers up to 10. Take away different amounts each time.

Challenge - write down these calculations. 

Skittles subtraction

Colouring subtraction

*Select the colouring subtracting sheet below. Work out the calculations using concrete objects and colour in that section in the correct colour. Don't forget to show us your lovely, colourful pictures! 

Smash it subtraction

Make / get some playdough with a grown up. Roll the playdough into 10 balls. Adult to ask children subtraction questions, (e.g. 10 - 2 =) Children to smash 2 playdough and see how many are left. Try these with different subtraction questions only focussing on numbers up to 10. 

Challenge - write down the calculations. 

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