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Welcome to the Reception class page!

Our two reception classes are:
Class RR - Mrs Robinson and Mrs McDonald
Class RKD - Mrs Kippax, Mrs Dunn and Mrs Blane


This is our very own class page where we share the exciting things we get up to including photographs, children's work and videos! Keep checking back for regular updates no

At our Phonics, Reading and Writing Workshop we gave out lots of information. Below are the ways we form our letters and the phonemes we teach.

Sports Day!

The weather was fantastic for sports day and the children had lots of fun.

Our Beach Trip!

We had the BEST time on Morecambe beach! We teamed up with year one and spent the day doing sand challenges, wriggling our toes in the sand, playing sports, having a picnic lunch with ice cream and watching a seaside balloon show! Check out the pictures underneath;

We were so excited to let our butterflies free today! We have watched them grow from tiny little caterpillars. The changes have been very exciting to watch and we even caught the butterflies squeezing out of their cacoons! 


This half term we have been learning about minibeast. We had a visitor this week who brought in some African land snails to show us. The children thought they were amazing! We found out about what they like to eat, how to care for them and how they grow. The children even got a chance to hold them!


We have been using the equipment in PE to balance, climb, swing and jump! All of the children had a go at each activity!


We have been making grass heads and are so excited for them to grow!

They've grown!

Our new outdoor classroom!

Wow, look at the difference to our outdoor classroom after some hard work and help from the staff and children! We now have a new music wall, bare foot sensory path, lazy stream, small world area and pallet den. Check out some progress pictures below;


We had a very competitive outdoor Easter egg hunt! Here are the children in action running around to find their colour groups hidden 'eggs'. Well done to the winning team who got a chocolate bunny lolly and to all the children for trying so hard who of course got a little chocolate egg each! Such fun and lots of determination needed!

Handa's Surprise

We learnt the story of Handa's Surprise! Here we are tasting some of the fruits from Handa's story. We then made a tally chart of the children's favourite fruit!

We're supporting Red Nose Day!


Still image for this video
Today in ICT we animated our own drawings! How cool are these...


Still image for this video

We have animated our own drawings on the computers...

Still image for this video

Animation of a house and a storm!

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Still image for this video


Still image for this video

We have also been using a simple logo program to make an icon move around the screen. We had to give our icon basic instruction to get it to reach a specific destination.

We're celebrating Downs Syndrome Awareness and Everybody's Different! We've all worn odd socks to remember that we're all different and all special!

'Where We Live' is our new topic!

We have been on a walk around Torrisholme! We spotted lots of features of our local area including bus stops, shops, houses, the pub, nurseries, the park, speed bumps, road signs, the mini roundabout, for sale signs, the zebra crossing and more!

It's Castles Week!

We are having a whole school history week! We are learning all about castles. 

The children were so excited to experience archery today! Every child had the chance to shoot 3 arrows. The children learnt how to hold the bow and arrow and shoot them safely.

We had such an exciting Castle Banquet Day with the children from Skerton St Luke's school. We completed activities including constructing castles, making jam tarts and learning medieval dances. We ate in our giant castle and enjoyed entertainment from some of the guests!

Hoghton Tower

We have been on our first school trip to Hoghton Tower! We travelled on a coach, looked around the amazing rooms and grounds of the castle at Hoghton Tower, had lunch together, explored the dungeons and looked at the special dolls house collection. Check out our photos below;

We have painted huge sheets of cardboard using large brushes and rollers. They are going to be used to make a HUGE castle in the hall!

Look at our amazing castle drawings and writing!

We have made junk model castles using boxes and tubes. We have thought carefully about the shapes of a castle. We even mixed our own grey painting using white and black.

People Who Help Us Topic! 

We have been learning about the different people who help us and how they help us. We have learnt about different occupations including the police, paramedics and firefighters. Take a look below at some of our work and exciting experiences linked to 'People Who Help Us'.

We had a visit from the fire service, who told us all about their role in helping us, their uniform and their vehicle. We even got to sit in the fire engine and use the fire hose!

Check out the photos below from when the paramedic visited us! We learnt lots about his uniform, equipment and ambulance! 
We have had a visit from the police! We met a police officer and a community support officer. They told us all about their uniform, the different jobs they do and their police car! 
Our Whole School Book Week!

We all dressed up as a character from a Roald Dahl book! Can you spot the Matilda's, fantastic foxes, Charlie's, Sophie's, Enormous Crocodile's and more???

We really enjoyed our 'buddy' reading today! We mixed up with older children and shared books together.

We have been creating Enormous Crocodile Costumes! We have used templates, cutting skills, collage, wallpaper, glue, egg boxes and paint! We've had so much fun!

Here we are in our amazing crocodile hats!

We've had the best first term together at Torrisholme school! Here we are enjoying our last day before Christmas!


We have been to deliver our letters to Santa! We walked along Low Lane to the postbox and discussed lots of things on the way. We talked about road signs, houses, signs of winter, bus stops, lamp posts, yellow lines on the roads, how to cross roads safely and what happens to our letters after we post them.


We have been raising money for 'Child In Need' We all came to school dressed in our pyjamas - even our teddies came with us!

We have been learning all about space!!

We have been using the materials in our creative area to make rockets! Don't they look amazing?

We have made our own rocket kebabs out of fruit and they were delicious!

Autumn Time

We have been learning about the different seasons and the signs of autumn. We went for a walk around school finding autumn leaves and then sorted them by their bright colours.

Our new topic is Farms! 

Check out the horses we have made by drawing and cutting around templates, adding eyes and gluing wool on.

The children's paintings of farm animals are brilliant!

We have been planting bulbs in our outdoor classroom! We have talked about what they need to grow, which way to plant them and spacing them out.

We spent a week in maths learning all about Numicon. Numicon is a resource that helps us see what a number looks like. The children engaged in lots of fun activities to help them count the holes in the numicon pieces and then match it to the right number.

In PE we have been practising lots of different balances, stretches and movements using our bodies.

We have been practising our mouse skills in the ICT area! We have been learning how to click, drag and drop.

We are beginning to settle in at school. We have been practising our daily routines.

We have been learning how to use each of the areas in our different indoor and outdoor classrooms. We know how to find the things we need, work with other children and even tidy everything away when we have finished.