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Autumn 2

All taped up! Who knew we could create so many angles on our tables with a little masking tape?

Light up! Creating complete circuits to make a bulb light. We did it by working in pairs and trying out different options until we were successful. Real stickability shown today with some support from our Not Yet Yeti.

Marvellous malleability! First with salt dough then clay. What a difference we found between the 2 materials as we manipulated them into the shape of our Gods.

Dragon Initiation: 3 Challenges to see if the novices Are ready for their initiation. Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III would have been proud of us. Not so sure about Gobber the Belch!

Well, what a Friyay!!!


We have received a very special delivery from the Draconum Majorum at the Dragon Nursery on the Isle of Berk - a basket of dragon eggs. The accompanying letter told the children exactly what was expected of them if they are to be put forward for the Hairy Hooligan Initiation Programme. Eggs must be returned safely to school on Monday when the Dragon Nursery will collect them and return them to Berk ready for hatching.


Rest assured, all eggs are far from their hatching date and if they happen to appear prematurely, they are harmless to humans in their infancy!


Good luck, children!


Just look at what you've been up to over the weekend protecting your eggs! No hatchlings so far, thank goodness!