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Word classes


Different types of words can be grouped according to what they ‘do’ in their sentence.


Nouns are by far the largest category of words in English. They signify all kinds of physical things. They also  signify imagined things like ‘a ghost’; and ideas or concepts, such as ‘love’, ‘guilt’ or ‘fate’.



A verb lies at the heart of a sentence. It describes the action or state of the subject; that is, it is the ‘doing’ or ‘being’ part of the sentence. Verbs are used to signify a physical or mental action:

Abigail ran through the field.

Jane tore off the wrapping paper.

Some verbs can also link extra information about their subject to a complement:

The cake was delicious.

Noah appeared unwell.



Look at the worksheet and follow the instruction. Can you decide if the underlined words are nouns or verbs?


PARENTS PLEASE NOTE: This is accessed through You Tube. Do ensure that your settings are in place to avoid inappropriate ‘pop ups.’ 

Word Class Song