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Friday 29th January


Play either of the games below - they are called Obb and Bob. They focus on finding the real words and nonsense words. Make sure you are focussing on phase 2 sounds. 


Watch Miss Shepherd's video all about forming letters correctly. We are focusing on the letters: h, m, n, r, b and p. 

 Check the back of your child's sound book for the rhymes on how to form each letter correctly. Make sure your child is holding their pencil correctly too - nip, flip and grip. 


After the video, complete your roll and read sheet in your home learning packs. Miss Shepherd will explain this on the video. 

Letter Formation with Miss Shepherd

How to hold a pencil correctly


Can you listen and join in with some of our shape songs? Pause the videos and talk about the shapes and their properties - How many sides do they have? What are they called? How many corners do they have? 

Shapes song for kids | The Singing Walrus

Shapes Song 2

Shapes for Kids

CBeebies House Songs | The Shapes Song

Wider Curriculum

Please choose from the Space Pick and Mix activities.