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Wednesday 13th January

Phonics with Miss Shepherd - x

Get a pencil and paper and join Miss Shepherd to learn a new phonics sound!


Todays activity is in your paper pack! Cut out the letter cards. Look at the pictures and sound talk it. Can you stick the sounds into the correct order to make the word? Blend the sounds together to check that they have made the correct word. 



Watch Mrs Robinson video and see the information for today's activity. 


Make your own shape cards for the 2D shapes: square, rectangle, triangle, circle, pentagon and hexagon. Lift the shape picture to your forehead so your grown ups can see it and ask them questions like "do I have 4 sides?" See if you can guess which shape you have got! 

Shape 'What Am I?' Game

Wider Curriculum

Watch the story below, keep pausing the story and have a chat to your grown ups about what is happening. Think about friendships, sharing and kindness. 


Once the story has finished, think about what makes a good friend - have a chat with your grown ups about this too. 

This is Our House by Michael Rosen