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Rounders Tournament at Morecambe High

The final event of this year's sporting calendar took place at Morecambe High this afternoon (Wednesday 12th July) and what a great event it was.


Five teams played in a round robin tournament of rounders, with Torrisholme being represented by a super scratch team! Despite the lack of a Rounders Club this year, we still gave a masterclass in how to play this sport.


Our first match was against Grosvenor Park 1. Although we were a little rusty and nervous, we managed to 'guts' it out, winning 5.5 to 3.5.


In our second match, against Grosvenor Park 2, we really got into our stride and ruled supreme, winning with a score line of 11 to 0.5.


The cheese slipped off the cracker a little in our third match against Bolton-le-Sands and we lost our focus, losing 1.5 to 4.


It was crunch time; we knew we would have to go all out in our final match if we were to win the trophy and that's what we did. We beat Westgate convincingly by 9 rounders to 2. We then had a nervous wait whilst the scores were added up. Our points difference saved the day. Our totals of 11 and 9 in the second and fourth matches really helped and we returned to school triumphant! Miss Stalker might need to ask Mrs Penney for a bigger trophy cabinet.


Well done, Team Torrisholme! You were amazing!

A Triumphant Torrisholme Rounders Team