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Mrs Patel and I have finished reading The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark on Torrisholme TV, so if you haven't listen to it yet, head over there, get comfy and enjoy! 


When you have listened to the story, we would like the children to start thinking of writing their own story based on the owl who was afraid of the dark. 

Some ideas could be;

  • The otter who was afraid of water;
  • The badger who was afraid of the dark;
  • The squirrel who was afraid of heights;
  • Or you may have your own ideas for an animal that is afraid of something that they are meant to like as part of their habitat.

REMEMBER, your character is going to visit other people or animals who tell them what they think of the thing they are frightened of. For example, the otter could visit someone swimming in the river who tells them water is fun because you can splash, jump and swim in it.


You are not writing your story until next week, so these days are for getting your ideas, sharing your ideas with your grown-up and using the planning sheets to organise these ideas.


Below is a planning sheet for your character, you can use the sheet or write your ideas in a notebook or on paper.