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Starter - SPAG 

Download the link below and complete the challenges in the boxes. There are three different levels to choose from and the answers are included.

The Wind in the Willows  

Chapter 11 -Like Summer tempests came his tears


Please listen to Chapter 11 via BBC webpage





Ratty hauls Toad out of the river and before Toad has a chance to start boasting of his adventures he is sent upstairs to change. On his return he learns that during his absence in prison the Wild Wooders have taken possession of Toad Hall.


Badger enters and reveals a great secret: he knows of an underground passage that enters Toad Hall by way of the butler's pantry. There is to be banquet the following night to celebrate the Chief Weasel's birthday - the passage will be their means of attack.


Ratty gets ready their weapons while Mole returns from Toad Hall where he has been spreading false rumours about the attack. Badger commends Mole for his good sense. 


Task  - How does Mole change? 


The character of Mole changes over the course of the story. Read the passage on the sheet below carefully.  Underline the sections which show that Mole has changed. In the empty box at the bottom,  write what Mole's actions show us about him.