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Wednesday 20th January


Look for the new sight words in your home learning pack. Please add these to the sight words bag that is in your child's book bag. Use these in the same way you have been using the first set of sight words.

You could play some games to help your child learn these:

* Hide them around the house and find them.

* Make another set of these words and play pairs or snap.



Watch Miss Shepherd's video all about writing captions. 


You will need the sheet from your home learning pack. Remember the tricky word 'the' - it's a t, h and a sneaky e! Don't forget fingers spaces between each word and a full stop at the end of your sentence. 

Sentence writing with Miss Shepherd


Make some giant ten frames in your house or garden. You could use A4 pieces of paper to make a ten frame or you could chalk one on the ground outside. Remember, there are 5 boxes on the top and 5 boxes on the bottom. Have a look at our examples below. You could also need to find some objects around your house to go into these ten frames. They will be your ones - it could be: teddy bears, biscuits, plates or anything!

A grown up needs to tell the child which number to put into their ten frame. (numbers 1-10) 

Once they have put the number in, ask them some questions:

* How many ones is it? (4 is 4 ones, 7 is 7 ones etc)

* How many gaps are there? What does that mean? (If it is number 9 there is one gap, that means its one more to get to 10)

* Which two numbers make that number? (If they have 5 in their ten frame - you could have a 4 and a 1 make 5 or a 3 and a 2 make 5)

Wider Curriculum

Please choose from the Space Pick and Mix activities.