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Day 1 Tuesday

Spellings for the week



Warm-up: TT Rockstars! Use your login details to compete in the current battle between 3H and 3B! 


Main activity: Counting Money in pence


You will need: 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 and £2 coins if possible.


Before beginning, please practice ordering the coins from smallest to biggest with your child. 

Watch the video below which demonstrates exploring with coins and making amounts in different ways.

CHALLENGE: Can you find 6 different ways of making 20p, 25p, 50p, and £1?



Then, looking at the Maths document below, can you discuss each question with your child and have a go at answering it? As you don't have the paper pack just yet,  they could tell you the answers as you go through or write down the answers on a piece of paper.



Answers for the activity will be added onto the website shortly for you to self-mark to check your progress.

Maths - Our focus is going to be on Money


The Train to Impossible Places by P. G. Bell

 This week we will be looking at the first two chapters of this magical book.


Read and enjoy Chapter 1 of the text together.

This could be by reading the text to your child or by reading a paragraph, or page, to each other or independent reading.

Look at the vocabulary in the chapter. Find these words and discuss the meaning: sprawled, stifle, unruly, enthusiasm, rare.


Look up these  words in a dictionary or by using Word Hippo (A free app) https://www.wordhippo.com/  

Write definitions and find synonyms for these words.

Create a wordsearch or a crossword using the words that you have explored. See if someone in your family can solve either your wordsearch or crossword.  



Chapter 1

Day 1 Topic Activities

  1. Login to Purple Mash and click on the ‘Alert’ button at the top of the homepage. There will be a 2do task set for you on 2animate. Your challenge is to create a 6 slide winter animation e.g. building a snowman/ snowball fight.
  2. Send your teacher an email on Purple Mash 2email telling us your news about the Christmas holidays. We look forward to hearing from you! 😊
  3. Log in to Collin’s Big Cat e-library and choose one book to read and draw a picture of a scene from your story so far. Then describe it.