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We will continue to write our story today.

Before we do this, we need to look at our plan, talk about how our story will continue then read as to what we have written so far.

Our character, based on Little Red, has met the villain (In my story, the villain appears to be a friendly character) and now we need to develop the next part where the main character somehow leaves the path to enable the villain to race to the destination (In my story, this will be the Emperor's palace at the top of the tower).


Your task is to write the story up to the point where the main character enters the destination to find that the villain has already been there.


Here are some parts of my story that my help:

Gary leaving the Express Way:

Gary was bored. The journey seemed to take an age. Wolfie's voice had a sweet tone that was sending Gary to sleep.

The hover car seemed to be slowing. It seemed to be stopping at a station. Gary desperately wanted to get off and see some other parts of the tower but his uncle's warning was playing in his mind.

"Why don't you get off and have a look around?" said Wolfie in his friendly way.

Gary was desperate to see something other than the inside of the car. What other opportunity would he get to do something like this?


Gary arriving at the palace:

Gary strode along the strangely empty corridors of the palace. Where was everybody? Surely there would be a large number of guards to protect the Emperor?

Rounding a corner, Gary could see the large double doors which must have the Emperor's hall behind them. As he neared the doors, Gary could hear ear-piercing shrieks from behind them. Nervously, he  pushed the doors open a crack. He was astounded by what he saw.