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Today we are going to collect facts about the Moon and write our general/opening paragraph.


Please research Moon facts.


*Remember, be safe on the internet. When you search, write Moon facts KS2 and the information should be appropriate for you.


Use the following prompts to help you research:

  • temperature on the Moon
  • size
  • age
  • what is the Moon made from?
  • what is the Moon?
  • where does it go?

Fill in the information in the table on your sheet.


Activity 1-researching facts about the Moon

Activity 2 - examples of an opening paragraph

Activity 2

Read the opening paragraphs from the information sheets. 

We are going to write an opening paragraph, like the ones above,  using the facts we have researched. You only need to write 4-5 sentences.


Your writing should 

  • be formal (full sentences using scientific language);
  •  contain full stops and capital letters;
  • use some of the statements below:

From notes...

...to sentences.

Editing Your Work

When you have written your sentences, ask an adult to check it for you.