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Monday 6th July 2020

The Museum of London is hosting Part 1 of their Fire! Fire! exhibition today. So, why not get all the family in the house together and have a virtual private tour of their Great Fire of London live stream today at 2pm. They will explore how the fire started, including what caused the fire and why it got so bad.


If you use the link on Facebook, you’ll also have the chance to ask your questions to a museum curator, all from the comfort of your own home. You can also watch the exhibition live on YouTube or on The Museum of London's website, but you won't be able to share questions with them should you choose either of these ways. This live stream is free to watch so please do not enter any payment details. 


Please note that children must be accompanied by an adult whilst watching the stream.


Comprehension Tasks

Over this week and next week, your child may like to look at the Gunpowder Plot. The children loved learning about this when we did our London Topic and The Great Fire of London. Below are some comprehension tasks for them to look at. There is no need to complete them all, simply pick one this week and another one next week. Remember to use your VIPERS reading skills and skim and scan the text to help answer the questions.